More than managing
learning, we improve it.

Our technology enables a personalized experience that improves results. Going beyond the limited capabilities of a learning management system (LMS), Brightspace is the world’s first truly integrated learning platform—designed to address the powerful shifts shaping the future of education and deliver on the promise of a more pervasive, perceptive, and personal learning experience.

Learning for the way we live.

We deliver the most compelling and engaging learning experience possible—the only truly accessible, intuitive, and integrated platform that works the way we do.

Face-to-face | Online, on-demand

Deeper insights for better outcomes.

We provide powerful adaptive and predictive analytics functionality, ensuring that a data-driven experience will directly impact an individual’s success.

Reactive | Predict and adapt

For the way we teach and the way we learn.

We offer the choice, freedom, and flexibility needed to ensure that teachers are empowered to teach the way they want to teach and individuals are inspired to learn the way they want to learn.

One-size-fits-all | One-size-fits-me

Partnership, not just product.

We’re proud of the strong and lasting relationships we’ve built with organizations, educators, and our enterprise learning partners.

98% customer satisfaction, opportunities for the future, a vision to improve learning

We’re making an impact.

Learn how Brightspace truly delivers on the promise of improving learning by directly contributing to learner success.

When evaluating a next-generation learning solution, there’s only one question you need to ask.

Will it improve learning?

Assess whether or not your solution has the capabilities needed to improve teaching and learning.

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