In today’s world, there’s one constant: change.

From research institutions to private for-profits and community colleges, the pressure to adapt is on. Today’s learners are more diverse than ever before. They all bring different styles, needs, and goals to the table.
Catherine is changing careers and supporting a family. She needs learning to work on her schedule.
LMS user, Catherine
Jeremy has a long commute and a part-time job. He needs to go mobile.
LMS user, Jeremy
Alex has a visual disability. He needs a LMS that’s fully accessible.
LMS user, Alex
They’re all in the same class.
A big class.
HE LMS users, a large class
Their instructor needs time to guide each of them—and everyone else. With resources that aren’t what they used to be.

LMS user, the instructor

Getting the best results takes more than a basic, one-size-fits-all LMS. That’s where Brightspace comes in.

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For a newbie or an uber-digital instructor, you need a simple and fast LMS. Create a course, add content, start a discussion, or measure progress—all with a single click or drag.

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Personalize the experience for hundreds or even thousands of students. Brand a course, set conditions for content release, or customize the open platform.

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We turn data into results. Help guide students to the right courses. Flag learners so that you can help them before they’re at risk. And offer the right content at the right time so that they can move at their own pace.

Run your own CBE programs and courses with a partner to support you at every step. You won’t need
to buy a second LMS: you can still run online and blended courses at the same time.

“It’s a really strong enhancing platform that makes your pedagogical approach to your specialty a hundred times stronger than it would be without it.”

Shaun Iles
Professor of Sustainability, Mohawk College

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