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We’ll get you up and running.

Different industries move at different speeds. Our planning services can help clients quickly identify their goals and decide how to proceed.
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We’ll support your unique needs.

No two clients are the same. You might be using Brightspace at a school, across a district, or in a corporation. We can work with you to develop solutions that will shape the experience specifically for your organization.
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We’ll help you deliver a powerful learning experience.

Knowing how to create the most engaging content is a big part of delivering the best experience. Our graphic designers, web developers, and courseware developers are ready to help you.
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We’ll tailor training to fit your timeline.

The right guidance will empower your organization to get the most out of the Brightspace platform. Our training programs can help you equip your teams quickly so that there’s more time to focus on what matters most: teaching and learning.

Service release updates

Read about new services and explore the latest improvements to our existing ones.