Brightspace Learning Repository

Effectively manage learning objects, share content both within an organization and publicly as needed, or gather assets from external sources and learning repositories using a tool that connects individuals with a global ecosystem of valuable resources.

Design online courses with ease and agility using D2L Learning Repository

Save time.

Centralized storage, fast and flexible browsing, powerful full-text search capabilities, and advanced metadata editing—all available in one simple user interface—help educators realize dramatic time savings and reduced costs when designing online courses.

Leverage interoperability.

Learning objects can be aggregated from a number of sources—including Open Educational Resources (OERs), external learning object repositories, and other libraries—using a single search interface, and standards-based packaging allows learning objects to be moved in and out of learning management systems while maintaining their integrity.

Secure content.

Advanced administrative features offer the ability to control granular permissions for any user of Brightspace Learning Repository, while support for Creative Commons attribution allows for the quick and easy identification of learning objects that are openly available for re-use.

Improving learning,
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