D2L Learning Environment

The foundation of our integrated learning platform combines usability, integrated analytics, and accessibility best practices to offer all the tools and resources needed for ensuring a flexible, personalized and mobile-ready learning experience is available anytime and anywhere.

Screenshot of the D2L Learning Environment, part of the Brightspace platform.


Customized navigation, HTML course templates, personalized learning paths, support for LTI third-party integrations and analytics-driven progress monitoring capabilities enable instructors to deliver quality instruction and create a unique experience tailored to fit learners’ individual needs and objectives.


Inline collaborative tools—including group collaboration tools, video messaging, online discussions, instant messaging, integrated social media profiles, and customized notifications—promote sharing and feedback between instructors, learners, and their peers to spark inspiration well beyond the classroom.


Virtually unlimited internal and external media support—with the ability to create and embed rich content directly within courses— allows educators to bring the experience to life and motivate learners to be active participants in shaping their own journeys.