D2L Insights™

Turn learning environment data into actionable information that will help measure, evaluate, and guide student performance as part of a truly perceptive learning experience.

Brightspace guiding student performance, analyzing student data, and evaluating learning and teaching

Understand learners.

Enhanced perspectives on big data lead to a deeper understanding of learner engagement, achievement, and success.

Take action.

Focused and purposeful reports, rich data visualizations and predictive analytics capabilities help educators target learning strategies and preemptively mentor at-risk learners.

Make data-driven decisions.

Powerful data analysis and intelligence tools help guide strategic improvements while dynamic, outcomes-driven functionality enables assessment of student progression and achievement right at the moment of learning.


Brightspace is the only advanced online learning platform delivering on the promise of improving learning by directly contributing to learner success. Learn about the positive impact that our products are having on teaching and learning.



When evaluating a next-generation learning solution, there’s only one question you need to ask. Will it improve learning? Assess whether or not your solution has the capabilities needed to improve teaching and learning.