D2L ePortfolio

Combine social sharing and experiential learning concepts to allow learners to store, share, and reflect on achievements that have shaped their own personal journeys.

Screenshot of D2L ePortfolio for students

Demonstrate achievement.

See the evidence of learning with multimedia —including documents, graphics, audio files, presentations, and more—using a student eportfolio that allows individuals to reflect on the choices and accomplishments that have shaped their learning pathways.

Lifelong learning.

The ability to import and export content between ePortfolio software systems allows users to grow their content and demonstrate their increasing knowledge and competence over time to advisors, potential employers, or peers.

Drive connections.

Social sharing inside and outside the organization allows students to build and extend their learning networks by sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and developing relationships around common interests.

Improving learning,
one client success at a time
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positive impact on teach and learning with D2L ePortfolio
 D2L ePortfolio improves teaching and learning


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