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Gamification: It’s Easier Than You Think!

We live in a gamified world. Bringing this idea to the online or blended classroom is a key to keeping students engaged and invested in course progression. This session will examine how our lives are gamified, what gamified education specifically is, and how teachers can gamify their material using tools in the Brightspace platform.

Presenter:  Shaun Iles, Mohawk College
Iles has been teaching at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where he is a Professor of Sociology and Environmental Sustainability as well as the Education Technology Facilitator for the department of Humanities and Social Science. Iles has experience teaching in face to face, blended and online environments but is more often than not teaching online in some capacity. Iles has a passion for creating online gamified environments and enjoys pushing the boundaries of education.
Time: 3:00pm ET
Audience: K-12, Higher Education
Host(s): Shaun IIes, Mohawk College

D2L and SalesforLife Present How to Engage Your Salesforce and/or Channel Partners to Drive Results!

D2L works with organizations including Walmart, P&G, Accenture and PNC Bank to enable their sales forces and channel partners to assist and enable a blended learning training model.  Utilizing our Integrated Learning Platform (we are not an LMS) we have proven results increasing employee effectiveness and impacting business results!

With recruitment, onboarding, engagement, succession and retention strategies – D2L is able to offer an Integrated Learning Platform that can encapsulate:

  • Adaptive Learning and Robust Analytics – measuring engagement and being able to predict success in your organization

  • Mobile Learning – Available across all platforms

  • Just in time – bite sized learning – easy to add and create content on the fly – ability to create viral learning in your organization

  • Online/Offline capabilities – ensuring your reps always have the information they need 24/7

  • Gamification – making learning easy and fun

A little bit about us:

SalesforLife - was founded in 2004 with one corporate goal – to become the most trusted sales resource for its clients. During our journey, we’ve had the pleasure of servicing 1,000’s of sales professionals around the world, from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. Over this last decade, a fundamental shift has taken place in the way buyers began their buying journey. Unfortunately, the sales community did not adapt to this change as quickly as necessary. Upon studying this shift internally, we discovered that we naturally evolved with our buyers without realizing the full impact. Seventy-five percent of our new business had been driven by new innovative sales solutions such as LinkedIn, marketing automation and content marketing. We then dedicated thousands of man hours to create, test and build systems that would connect our clients with today’s buyers.

D2L is the global leader in innovative learning technology – offering robust and SaaS based solutions to fortune 100, 1000 and medium sized businesses.  Engaging your workforce and driving effective learning outcomes for organizational success is what we do!
Time: 1:00pm ET
Audience: Enterprise
Host(s): Jamie Shanks, Sales for Life and Kim Popkey, D2L

Five D2L Tools to Increase Student Engagement and Instructor Presence

There are many tools available within the D2L Learning Environment that you can use to increase instructor presence, and that students can use to increase their engagement in the class. We'll take a look at D2L Binder, Video Note, custom home page widgets, personalized text through Replacement Strings, and D2L Wiggio for student group collaboration. Resources for a deeper dive into each topic will be made available to participants.
Time: 3:00pm ET
Audience: All
Host(s): Barry Dahl, Senior D2L Community Manager

Leveraging Brightspace by D2L to Support Student Retention Efforts

In this webinar, OVUM examines Greenville College’s adoption of the Brightspace Advanced Analytics Solution and, in particular, their use of the D2L Insights Student Success System™. Research was based on interviews with Greenville executives and implementation details were provided by key stakeholders at the college. You will learn about the challenges of using a learning platform to inform and support retention efforts and how they can be overcome if the right solution and strategy is applied. You will also learn how Greenville College’s success with the Brightspace integrated learning platform is helping colleagues around the globe to rethink the possibilities for their own online learning programs.

Navneet Johal is the Research Analyst for Education Technology at Ovum, where she conducts primary and secondary research on the use of technology amongst education institutions, writing analyst reports, forecasting IT expenditures by the education institutions and providing consulting and advisory services to leading technology companies.

Carrie Handley is the Senior Solutions Marketing Manager for the Data and Analytics portfolio at D2L, where her primary responsibility is to promote awareness of learning analytics in education, in general, alongside the predictive and adaptive capacities of the Brightspace by D2L platform.
Time: 3:00pm ET
Audience: Higher Education
Host(s): Navneet Johal, Ovum and Carrie Handley, D2L

Using Communication Tools to Set the Stage

Brightspace has fantastic communication tools which, when partnered with Web 2.0 tools such as Google, can provide students and their parents with real time, on-going information about what is happening at school. In this webinar participants will learn about how to use notifications, news, discussions, Brightspace blog as well as integrations with Google and other Web 2.0 tools to communicate classroom updates, student progress and achievement and to collaborate with colleagues.
Time: 3:00pm ET
Audience: K-12
Host(s): Tracy Dalton, D2L Lead Teacher, Innovative and Learning Technology at Calgary Board of Education

104 Best Practices for D2L Technology

This rapid-fire webinar will showcase 10 techniques in eight areas: ice breakers, student engagement, instructor presence, interactivity, academic integrity, usability, universal design, and game-based learning. Based on participant feedback, three techniques will be selected for a deeper dive with audience participation.
Time: 3:00pm ET
Audience: Higher Education
Host(s): Tom Tobin, Northern Illinois University