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How UCO is using their LMS to boost student employability

When the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) was choosing a new LMS, they knew it needed to be easy to use—but also flexible enough to support their specific goals. With Brightspace, they’ve been able to develop a new way to track learning activities that happen outside the classroom. It’s called the Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR). Now, their students can share the non-academic learning experiences and skills they've gained with graduate schools and potential employers.

  • Walk through UCO's decision-making process for choosing a new LMS

  •  Find out how they used Brightspace to create a new learning tool (STLR)

  •   See the types of experiential learning that are tracked at UCO

  •  Learn how STLR is affecting outcomes for students and the institution

Time 2:00pm ET
Audience: Higher Education

Badges for Students and Teachers at HWDSB Using Brightspace Awards

Badges are often used to award recognition to students or participants who have demonstrated mastery of a soft-skill that isn't linked to a curriculum expectation, but still considered a valuable skill that is worth identifying and rewarding. Brightspace now offers the ability to create and award Mozilla Backpack badges for learners. The Hamilton-Wentworth District School board is using badges to recognize skills attained by both staff and students within the organization for a variety of purposes. During this webinar we will explore the philosophy behind badging, how Brightspace facilitates badging within the Learning Environment and how the HWDSB is using badging to recognize and motivate learners within the organization.
Time 3:00pm ET
Audience: K-12, Higher Education
Presenter(s): Paul Hatala, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

Competency-Based Education for the Next Generation of Nurses

The increase in demand for registered nurses is expected to outpace most other occupations over the next decade. That means it’s more important than ever for schools to speed up the path to getting a quality nursing education. Nightingale College is one great example. They’ve embraced competency-based education (CBE) to help prepare highly skilled nurses for the workforce in as little as 16 months.

With the help of Brightspace, the college has made it easier for students to achieve competencies and for instructors to guide them as they move through the curriculum at an accelerated pace.

We’ll be co-hosting an upcoming webinar with Nightingale College to talk about:

  • Why CBE is an ideal model for their “nontraditional” nursing students

  • How they support self-paced learning and use tools to track student progress

  • What the initial program results are, including feedback from students and faculty

  • Why they chose Brightspace as their technology platform for CBE course delivery

Time 1:00pm ET
Audience: All
Presenter(s): Aaron Nelson, Manager, Learning Resources Eric Corrington, Manager, Instructional Design and Technology

It Takes You to Understand the Student View

This webinar will provide a foundation for understanding the student experience of a course in the Brightspace Learning Environment. With this understanding, Instructors can then adapt their courses to best engage and meet the needs of their learners. The presenters will discuss the myths and reality of student impersonation, Role Switching and preview functions. Content views, Assessment Tools, and User Progress will also be explored.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To recall the difference between impersonating, role switch and preview functions.

  2. To recognize the learner perspective in the Content tool.

  3. To become one with the learners.

  4. To employ effective practices in the Assessment tool.

  5. To identify effective practices for the User Progress tool.

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Time 1:00pm
Audience: Clients, K-12, Higher Education, Enterprise
Presenter(s): Kassia Kukurudza, D2L Trainer

How Georgia Southern University Uses Data to Help Students Before They Need It

Georgia Southern University (GS) is one of many schools using learner data to improve retention and graduation rates. With predictive analytics, they’re actually able to identify at-risk students and intervene before it’s too late. As early as the fourth week of classes, their success index is able to predict student outcomes to within a letter grade 67% of the time*. They’re seeing that accuracy reach as high as 88% by week 18*. Now, their instructors have an earlier chance to offer additional tutoring or even change their methodology. Join Dr. Steven Burrell, VP of IT & CIO for Georgia Southern University to find out:

  • How they use learning analytics to better predict student outcomes

  • How they equip instructors and academic advisors to intervene intelligently

  • Why their intervention planning helps increase faculty/student engagement

*As reported by Georgia Southern University.
Time 2:00pm ET
Audience: All, Higher Education
Presenter(s): Dr. Steven Burrell, VP of IT & CIO, Georgia Southern University

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