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Copyright You Can Actually Understand: Brightspace Version

The Brightspace platform supports the use of many kinds of multimedia that can help students to engage with materials, each other, and faculty members. This session will reveal four “secrets” to faculty members and course designers about creating, finding, and using multimedia.
Time 3:00pm ET
Audience: K-12, Higher Education

Experience the Freedom of Brightspace – A Guided Tour of Your Brightspace Trial Account

Getting started with your Brightspace Trial Account is easy!  Join our D2L Expert as they guide you through some of the exciting tools waiting for you in your course.  This interactive webinar is the perfect place to view a demo of the Brightspace platform and have your questions answered.  Register today and start experiencing the freedom and flexibility that valuable teaching tools provide. Looking to setup a Brightspace Trial Account? Let us know at:
Time 3:00pm ET
Audience: All

Using Web 2.0 Tools inside Brightspace, with an Eye on Accessibility

Many free web applications are useful in education with a special emphasis on collaboration and social networking. Participants will examine the use of these applications inside Brightspace and find those that can be used effectively in an education environment. Special attention will be paid to those external tools that do not create a mixed content browser issue for all students, and do not create a web accessibility issue for students with disabilities. Attendees will be able to identify at least four popular Web 2.0 tools that create significant accessibility barriers to students with disabilities, and will also be able to describe techniques for creating alternative assignments or work-arounds for students who are unable to utilize inaccessible Web 2.0 tools.
Time 3:00pm ET
Audience: K-12, Higher Education

Putting the learner first – Adult learner characteristics in the online environment

Building engagement in learning is a critical component of successful learning programs and helps to foster employee engagement in your organizations. Join us during this webinar where we’ll examine adult learner characteristics and how to best support them in online learning environments.

Putting the learner first is a central concept of learning design. During this session, we’ll examine motivation, experience, evaluation and other aspects of the adult learning experience through the lens of adult education. For those new to learning and development, this is a great introduction to adult learning characteristics in the online environment and for experienced professionals, it can serve as a useful reflection point about your current online programs. There will be an opportunity to interact and share with your peers.
Time 12:30pm ET
Audience: Enterprise

Five-Minute Idea Exchange for Teaching and Learning with Brightspace in Higher Ed

Various presenters will share their ideas in a series of five minute presentations. Easy-to-implement tips and tricks will be presented in a rapid fire format. All presenters are from higher education institutions, but many of the ideas will be applicable to people from all educational sectors. A couple of examples include A) information about the new Learning Technology Coaches program at the University of Calgary, B) the results of a mandatory online student orientation at Portland

Community College, and C) a quick way to embed an audio player inside the Brightspace platform.
Time 3:00pm ET
Audience: All

No Muss! No Fuss! How to Become a Quality Matters Star Using Brightspace

Interested in saving time and energy while designing an online course for Quality Matters™ (QM) review? Want to decrease emails from confused students? Wish to boost student engagement in your class without increasing the time commitment associated with teaching online? Attendees are welcomed to explore the connections between D2L tools, course design and the QM rubric standards. These “hot tricks” will get attendees on their way to meeting QM review expectations while (hopefully) conserving time!
Time 3:00pm ET
Audience: K-12, Higher Education

Increase Adoption of your Brightspace Platform

Interested in getting more of your institution using and making the most of Brightspace? Join us as we share some best practices to help you plan for growth of the Brightspace platform. During this session we’ll showcase the adoption strategy service as well as get you started using some free resources.

We’ll cover:

-Aligning growth with your strategic planning

-Defining an adoption strategy

-Organizational readiness considerations

-Faculty/teacher readiness considerations

-Adoption planning process

-Communication assets and templates
Time 11:00am ET
Audience: All

The Poetry of Teaching and Technology: Lake Superior College’s Program for Online Excellence in Teaching (POET)

In the midst of declining enrollments and increased competition, Lake Superior College decided to revive its online program by focusing on quality instruction. The POET includes

an administrative evaluation process and rubric, a comprehensive faculty peer review program, and a three level training program for D2L Brightspace and teaching pedagogy that includes mentoring. Come learn about the process and have full access to current materials and information.
Time 3:00pm ET
Audience: K-12, Higher Education

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