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Association Learning Programs Part 1: Ontario Bar Association (OBA) – Advancing Professional Development with Online Learning

To start our series on association focused learning programs, we are pleased to have the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) discuss their use case and how D2L technologies help support their program delivery. During this session Jonathan Clancy, Director of Information Technology at the Ontario Bar Association will highlight how they have been able to: replace costly face-to-face delivery methods, make more content self-serve and available on-demand, and save time and cost associated with travel.

The Ontario Bar Association, a branch of the Canadian Bar Association, is an organization of lawyers formed to provide support to the legal profession in the province. In the province of Ontario every licensed lawyer and paralegal is required to complete 12 hours per year of continuous professional development. As a D2L client since 2010 the OBA delivers training on topics such as ethics, professionalism, and practice management. The OBA has their own conference centre where they deliver in person sessions and they use these facilities, and D2L Capture, to record training sessions that they deliver through their professional development website where they can control access to content.

Attendees of this series will also receive an exclusive case study from the Investment Management Consultants Association® (IMCA) on advancing member certification with online learning.
Time: 1:00pm ET
Audience: Enterprise
Host(s): Jonathan Clancy – Ontario Bar Association and Jeremy Reed – D2L

Game Based Learning for the Enterprise

Games can be used in training material to improve motivation and engagement for learners. In this session, we will examine techniques and simple examples of games applied in training material. We will also cover the game-based learning service from D2L.
Time: 2:00pm ET
Audience: Enterprise
Host(s): Aleks Gligoric, Manager- Multimedia Solutions, Courseware & Web Development, D2L