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The Age of Big Data – Big Opportunities or Big Barriers?

It's no secret: Higher Education institutions that have leveraged their vast stores of enterprise and learning data have seen improved student performance, increased instructor effectiveness, reduced costs, and a decrease in administrative workloads. However, it has become apparent to most institutions that the data also comes with significant barriers. At IBM and D2L, we believe BIG data does not have to equal BIG barriers. Learn how D2L and IBM are harnessing big data to personalize the learning experience, enhance educational delivery, and improve learner outcomes. Looking forward to having you join us!
Time: 1:00pm ET
Audience: All
Host(s): Robert Dolan, Manager, Industry Solutions at IBM and Michael Moore, Senior Advisory Consultant, Implementation Services at D2L

How and Why of Student DIY: The use of Student Self-Grading of Online Discussions

Student self-grading of online discussions is one way to involve students in introspection, engage them in evaluation of their performance, and ultimately improve performance and enhance learning in the online classroom discussion.  This presentation will cover some simple methods for incorporating student introspection for self-grading of discussions in the online learning environment, and instructor review of this self-grading to be sure it is in line with the rubric.
Take Away Points:
Instructor evaluation of students’ participation in online discussions may not be efficient or effective for promoting student cognitive growth and performance.
Student introspection in self-grading of online discussions can be an effective way to improve discussion performance and promote development.
The use of a quizzing tool is an easy method to incorporate student self-grading of discussions.
Time: 3:00pm ET
Audience: Higher Education
Host(s): Barbra Thoeming, D2L; Laura Schwarz and Nancyruth Leibold, Assistant Professors, Nursing, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Association Learning Programs Part 1: Ontario Bar Association (OBA) – Advancing Professional Development with Online Learning

To start our series on association focused learning programs, we are pleased to have the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) discuss their use case and how D2L technologies help support their program delivery. During this session Jonathan Clancy, Director of Information Technology at the Ontario Bar Association will highlight how they have been able to: replace costly face-to-face delivery methods, make more content self-serve and available on-demand, and save time and cost associated with travel.

The Ontario Bar Association, a branch of the Canadian Bar Association, is an organization of lawyers formed to provide support to the legal profession in the province. In the province of Ontario every licensed lawyer and paralegal is required to complete 12 hours per year of continuous professional development. As a D2L client since 2010 the OBA delivers training on topics such as ethics, professionalism, and practice management. The OBA has their own conference centre where they deliver in person sessions and they use these facilities, and D2L Capture, to record training sessions that they deliver through their professional development website where they can control access to content.

Attendees of this series will also receive an exclusive case study from the Investment Management Consultants Association® (IMCA) on advancing member certification with online learning.
Time: 12:30pm ET
Audience: Enterprise
Host(s): Jonathan Clancy – Ontario Bar Association and Jeremy Reed – D2L

Using D2L Analytics Essentials to Improve Student Success

Did you know the data accumulating in your learning environment is your most valuable asset?  These day-to-day student and instructor interactions define the very essence of the learning experience at your institution.  D2L Analytics Essentials toolset helps make sense of the data you generate so you can improve student success.
Time: 2:00pm ET
Audience: K-12, Higher Education
Host(s): Carrie Handley, Senior Product Marketing Manager – Analytics, D2L

Gamification: Leveraging the D2L Tools Already at Your Disposal

This session will discuss what gamification is and how it can be used to enhance learning by leveraging the tools already available in the D2L platform. A case study of a college-level course will be presented and participants will be shown the basics of gamification and how to replicate those features using the D2L system.
Time: 3:00pm ET
Audience: All
Host(s): Vincent King-Spezzo, Sr. Online Instructional Designer, Valdosta State University; Barry Dahl, Senior Community Manager, D2L

Effective Integration of Google Apps for Education and the Brightspace Integrated Learning Platform

Unlimited access to knowledge and multimedia has shifted the paradigm in education. Teachers must reconsider how they deliver curriculum and students must think critically beyond the abundance at their fingertips. Google Apps for Education inspires students to create, collaborate, and communicate anytime, anywhere. The Brightspace Integrated Learning Platform has become the place for Ontario teachers to post course content; receive, assess & provide feedback on student work; inspire meaningful class discussions, and much more. Join us to see how teachers use the ILP to effectively integrate all of the features of Google Apps for Education in a safe, secure, private learning environment.
Time: 3:00pm ET
Audience: K-12
Host(s): Joe Sisco, e-Learning Consultant, Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board; Barbra Thoeming, Learning Community Manager, D2L

Rockin’ Online with Great Course Design

Instructional Designers regularly face the challenge of helping instructors develop online courses that are engaging and meet the learning needs of today's student. In this webinar, we will address many of the unsuccessful development practices that result in poor quality courses and produce confused, disengaged, and isolated students. We’ll discuss a variety of online teaching best practices such as instructor presence, building community, multiple learning opportunities, amplified assistance, and customized feedback. Find out how small gestures have high impact and walk away with an understanding of how these best practices enhance the learning experience that will rock your next online course!
Time: 3:00pm ET
Audience: Higher Education
Host(s): Heidi Jung and Cheryl Bosarge, Instructional Designers at Southern Illinois University; Barry Dahl, Senior Community Manager, D2L