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Five Easy Wins for Making your Brightspace Courses more Accessible to Students with Disabilities

This webinar will provide five simple techniques for improving the accessibility of courses offered in the Brightspace Learning Environment. The focus will be on correcting common accessibility errors in Course Content, although the same techniques would apply in many other tools within the Learning Environment. All techniques can be performed by people with minimal knowledge of the generally accepted standards for web accessibility.
Time: 1:00pm ET
Audience: All
Host(s): Barry Dahl, Senior D2L Community Manager

Experience the Freedom of Brightspace – A Guided Tour of Your Brightspace Trial Account

Getting started with your Brightspace Trial Account is easy!  Join our D2L Expert as they guide you through some of the exciting tools waiting for you in your course.  This interactive webinar is the perfect place to view a demo of the Brightspace platform and have your questions answered.  Register today and start experiencing the freedom and flexibility that valuable teaching tools provide.

Looking to setup a Brightspace Trial Account? Let us know at:
Time: 3:00pm ET
Audience: All
Host(s): D2L Solutions Engineer

Freedom on Brightspace Means That You Can Teach with a Fork or a Spoon – it’s up to you

Within this seminar Professor Shaun Iles and Professor David Wearing of Mohawk College will discuss their very different approaches to online and blended learning. Shaun Iles is a proponent of online delivery and utilizes online materials and Brightspace tools extensively in the delivery of his courses. David on the other hand, is a traditional “chalk and talk” professor who is slowly opening up to using online tools and resources in his classes. This webinar will focus on the transition from f2f delivery to blended and online delivery, aiming to bring light to the fact that there are many avenues you can take to build a pedagogically sound delivery within Brightspace regardless of your history and comfort zones in education.
Time: 3:00pm ET
Audience: All
Host(s): Shaun Iles and David Wearing, Mohawk College; Barbra Thoeming, D2L Learning Community