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Using the Competency, Dropbox and Rubrics tools, and Brightspace ePortfolio for Program Accreditation

Accreditation is an important process for many programs. Using the Competency tool, the Dropbox tool, the Rubrics tool, and Brightspace ePortfolio together can make this process an efficient one for the auditors that visit. This presentation will review how these tools work together to show students meeting objectives for accreditation.
Time 3:00pm ET
Audience: All
Host(s): Alan Shapiro and Tricia Gorham, St. Petersburg College

Jumpstart Your Online Student Experience and Promote Early Engagement

At Johnson County Community College, some students find the experience of taking an online course to be very intimidating. JCCC has created an online tutorial course that provides exposure to the Brightspace platform while sharing secrets for success. At the University of Oklahoma, an online Tech Bootcamp provides students with an introduction to various technologies and resources on campus. Come hear about the lessons learned and quality improvements made to the Bootcamp. Join us to hear from both of these institutions about their efforts to prepare students for using Brightspace and other instructional technologies.
Time 3:00pm ET
Audience: Higher Education
Host(s): Ed Lovitt of Johnson County Community College; Kevin Buck and Tomika Cox, both of University of Oklahoma

Get Your Game On: How to Gamify Your Course in 5 Easy Steps

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game elements such as challenges, feedback, levels, and rewards in non-game contexts to motivate and engage learners. But how do you get started?  Learn how the design team at Southern Illinois University deconstructed content and developed a working framework to gamify courses in Brightspace.
Time 3:00pm ET
Audience: All
Host(s): Heidi Jung and Cheryl Bosarge, Southern Illinois University

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